Daily Archives: June 20, 2006

Late Night Writing and a question

You know, these one a.m. dates with my computer sure are productive. I love this story. It’s so dark. But the darkness is emotional. I’m finding the whodunnit aspect fun but difficult in the shorter word-count romance. I need the mystery in there, but I need the romance too. I worry this one is too heavy on the mystery side. Especially in the first 70 pages. But the tension is hot and totally conflicted. The most conflicted thing I’ve written. I definitely won’t be getting one of those “not enough conflict to sustain the plot” rejections on this baby. Actually, since I started writing suspense, I haven’t gotten one of those rejections. I’ve collected plenty of others! 🙂
I’m looking at contests for a couple books. I’m not sending this new one out on the contest circuit. I’ll send it straight to Allison Lyons.

One of the books I’m sending into the contest world will do okay, I think. It’s traditional RS.
The other is my ST women’s fiction/sort of inspirational but not really. My CP’s say it’s the best thing I’ve written. But the romance doesn’t start in it until page 70. I don’t know if there’s a contest out there for it. Usually, the categories have lots of points for sexual tension or something similar. Mine will get tossed for lack of that. Any advice? Suggestions?