Daily Archives: June 12, 2006


I love making new soundtracks for my books. iTunes is awesome for this reason. I have two new MUST albums for my new heroine: Godsmack’s IV and Damone’s Out Here All Night. In IV, Godsmack is better than ever! I usually just love one or two songs from an album. Not this time. I had to get the whole thing. It’s wonderful. Reminds me a lot of Metallica’s old stuff. Damone reminds me of 80s rock. It’s a little tougher though. And Arden is one tough chick.
All this heroine music is making my hero feel over powered. He’s a Killers kind of guy–especially Somebody Told Me, but he also works with Journey and REO Speedwagon and Ozzy’s Killer of Giants. I haven’t found anything new for him yet. He’s Latino, but the Enrique sound doesn’t fit. I think I need to really find him the way I’ve found her. The Soundtrack’s make all the difference in the world with my characterization. I don’t know why.
I wonder how many other people use soundtracks from music with words when they write?