Daily Archives: June 7, 2006

Writing Group

My local RWA chapter meets this week. It’s the first meeting of the summer and I’m thrilled. My group is small, but it’s special. Our speakers always comment on the excitement, the energy, the support. That support has certainly helped me over the last few years.
This meeting will be different. One of our members lost her husband last week. The woman, Linda Broday, is one of the most amazing women I’ve met. She’s published, but that alone isn’t what makes her amazing.
Linda was diagnosed with MS a few years ago, before she was published. Her eye sight started failing and finally the doctors figured out what was wrong.
She could’ve stopped writing at that point and everyone would understand. Instead, she wrote a story with a heroine who goes blind. Two of her books have won Nation Readers’ Choice Awards, even though they’re westerns, even though westerns supposedly aren’t selling.
Every once in a while I get discouraged about a story or a rejection or a school deadline that’s kicking my butt. Inevitably, Linda will post something to our local group loop and I’ll remember what real dedication to the craft is.
I can’t wait for Saturday!

I give up!

I had plans for the summer.
No way was I getting off schedule. Who cares that my writing brain wakes up around 10 pm and works until 2 am or later? I’m a teacher. Surely, I could whip the artist me into some semblance of order and write at normal times. Because getting off my sleep schedule is a real pain once school starts again. It’s sad when I show up at school after two double latte’s because I was writing until two in the morning. SAD and SCARY!
And naps, hah! No naps for me. That’s quality writing time.
And Weight Watchers was my new bible. Points were going to be my salvation.

Screw the plans.
I have the first two chapters of my new Intrigue where I want them for the most part, and it’s two in the morning. HUGE thanks to Mary and Mel for helping me with the opening scene. It was driving me crazy. And two in the morning is a great time to go to bed.
Especially since I took a nap. I tried writing in the afternoon for a week straight. I can’t. I try, but I get totally distracted. It’s my husband’s fault. He wants me to watch NYPD Blue with him and I love NYPD Blue. It’s our together time.
And I’m glad he loves me Weight Watchers or not. Because the mint chocolate chip ice cream I ate today has so many points I can’t even figure them out! If WW was going to be my bible and points my salvation, I’m going to hell. 😦

Speaking of hell, I’ve heard Karen Kelley’s Hell on Wheels is in stores now! I can’t wait to get it!!!