High Concept

the annual writing retreat I go on always leaves me refreshed, revitalized and ready to write. This year I had my next book’s characters but I didn’t have the villain. We figured that out pretty quickly and then we got busy working on the central story question of my book.
I’ve been writing news for 20 years, so this shouldn’t be difficult, but it is. I never really understood what it was until the logline contest at Intrigue. Once I figured it out, I realized I like figuring that question out first and then building my book around it. My last book was the first I’d done that with. I have the question now and it’s so cool. In two sentences, the editor will see the GMC’s of both characters as well as the mystery element, or in my opinion, why it’s an Intrigue.
I don’t know if figuring out the “high concept” or central story question of the book is essential to publication. I pretty much figure it’s not. But it helps me. And that’s what matters.

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