Daily Archives: April 20, 2006


Okay. It’s official. I can’t read without my glasses.

So I haven’t been to the crusie mayer blog lately and decided to check it out.
Only I type in he said she said instead of he wrote she wrote.
Not the right blog. Not by a long shot. 🙂

I planned on working on my next women’s fiction. I really love the story I’ve plotted. And I love the heroine, Grace. But there was this secondary character in my Intrigue that caught my attention in a big way. And I can see his heroine so easily. I even know the murder that starts the mystery and brings them together at first. BUT I don’t know why the murder happened. I know some of the red herrings, but not the real reason. So I started thinking about reasons for murder. Greed, jealousy, secrets, revenge. But everything I’ve come up with so far is way too obvious.
Since we’re testing this week, I have plenty of time. 🙂
Next weekend I’m going to my annual writer’s retreat. Maybe I can get the other one plotted there.
Decisions, decisions.

GH Scores

For what they’re worth my Golden Heart scores came in. Both entries scores in the top quarter. Both were big hits with some judges and so-so with others. For the first time no 3s or 4s. I don’t know if that means my voice is changing or if my judges were nicer.