For six weeks I wasn’t a writer. For a couple of those weeks, I struggled with the decision. I fought it. It nearly killed me.
But God gives us 24 hours a day and sometimes those hours have to be spent doing stuff other than writing.
My family needed me. My day job demanded me.
Writing had to get put away.
A month ago when I made that decision, it scared me. I wondered if I was giving up on the dream. Writing is so much a part of me, I couldn’t imagine life without it.
Life went on.
And it was okay.
About two weeks ago I realized the words weren’t going to just disappear. I hadn’t given up my love for language or my addiction to the smell of ink and paper. I’d just given myself permission to take a break.
I needed the break. I’m glad took it.
Now I’m back and surprisingly, the words aren’t gone. The fear, the anguish really, was misplaced.
I hope if I’m ever in this place again I remember this lesson.
Taking a break isn’t quitting. It’s breathing room. And sometimes that’s all we need.
I tell my students all the time that the you can have it all mentality is a big lie. I tell them in life you make choices in order to stay sane. I preach balance.
I forgot to pay attention to my own lessons. I hope I won’t again. But if I do, hopefully I’ll read this post again and remember. 🙂

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