Make me Feel!

One of my best friends loves Nora. She buys everything Nora writes. Sometimes in hardback and paperback.
She says Nora’s safe but it’s more than that. The reason she loves Nora so much is that there’s always some place in the book that gets her. Her heart hurts. But she knows everything’s going to be okay.
She gets her happy ending.
I feel the same way about a lot of my favorite authors, my favorite books.
I want to feel.
Not a little. Not just sometimes.
But throughout the entire book.

That emotional connection is something I push on my j-students. I’m always saying , yeah it’s a nice idea but WHO CARES? Make me care. Make me feel. Make me think.
Make the connection or the words are just a bunch of black blobs on paper.

In journalism, my students look for the details, the truths, the parts of a whole that will connect. It’s not always easy.
In fiction it’s essential.
I hope my books out in publisher land right now do that. I can’t imagine the competition
they’re up against or the tired editor who might be reading the first page, then hopefully the second and third and on and on.
Whatever else, I hope the editor feels when she reads my manuscripts.
I think that might be the key to the Call.

I know it’s the key for me as a reader.

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