More on Lies

My students, most of whom rank at the tops of their classes, informed me today that A Million Little Pieces is an amazing book and the fact that it’s not true just makes it more interesting.
Me: Huh?
Them: Yeah. Who wants to read about real life? How boring. It’s no big deal that he lied. It’s just a book and a good book at that.
Me: Okaaaaaayyyy. You do remember this is journalism class, right?
Them: Yeah, but the book’s not the news. It’s just a book.
What exactly am I supposed to say to that?
One of my best friends teaches AP English. She discovered most of the term papers turned in this year included huge chunks straight from the Internet.
Again, we’re talking the top students in the school.
They say it’s no big deal. That the paper is pointless anyway. For $20 they could’ve just bought a paper online. At least they looked for information.
A lie’s no big deal. Plagiarism, so what?
I think the two are directly connected and I’m no sure how to combat the mindset, but it’s scary, that’s for sure.


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