So here’s the truth, I promise.
I HATE stress. I mean seriously hate it.
But I love deadlines. They energize me. They give me a natural high like nothing else.
But they bring stress, which I hate.
My day job, high school journalism adviser, provides me with tons of deadline time.
My night/weekend job, romance writer, gives me even more deadline time.
Right now I have both in major deadline mode.
So I’m witchy, super energized, crazy stressed out, living on the edge writer-adviser-wife-mom-BUT I LOVE LAW & ORDER AND LOST I can’t miss them Mary Beth.
I think I’m crazy.
Sometimes I think it’s fun.
Right now, I’m trying to decide. But Lost just ended and Law and Order’s calling my name. I’ll decide when the news is on.
(Unless there’s a good X-Files.)

Crap. 😦

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