A week straight counting points and I haven’t been hungry. And actually I’m not really surprised. Losing weight isn’t difficult. (I’ve probably lost thousands of pounds!)
Keeping it off is. For me the key isn’t so much food as it is exercise.

The Book of Daniel:
I didn’t watch it but I have to say NBC is brilliant. Our local station brought several clergy in to watch the show and discuss it in advance. For the last week they’ve had at least a 2-minute Book segment every day, playing up the controversy. Great way to turn an ad into what people see as a story. (Other stations even picked it up. Like I said BRILLIANT!) I didn’t watch it so I don’t know what I think, but the reviews I saw ahead of time said the show had a great opportunity to be edgy and instead uses the religion angle as a shallow cliché’d gimmick.

The Miner Tragedy:
I’m surprised more people aren’t saying this. The media deserves to be called on the carpet on this one. Live TV isn’t news. It’s entertainment. If it were news some of the so-called reporters would verify their information instead of having to say oops after the fact. It’s happening more and more these days. The newspapers picking up the story and running with it are even worse. I tell my students all the time that if the public can’t trust the news, democracy’s in danger. Maybe the journalists working at this level need to remember, it’s not just a job or a ratings war. They hold the future of America in their hands.

I was invited to teach at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association conference in New York this spring break. Woo Hoo. I’m not going this time because I’m going to Boston at the beginning and I can’t be gone from my family the entire break. That would stink. But it’s so cool that I was asked. I hope they’ll ask again another time. But when NYT Upfront asked me to fill in on their editorial board and I had to turn them down, I never heard from them again. I had to turn down the chance to sit in the editorial offices of the New York Times, the chance to smell NYT ink, because I was teaching at another workshop that weekend. It killed me to say I can’t but please remember me because I’d love to another time. A year later I think I missed my chance. 😦

Lots of sales
Not for me, but several first timers sold to Harlequin. Silhouette this week. Exciting, inspiring. I can do this. On that note, I entered the Intrigue log line contest. Yikes. 2 sentences to tell your whole story. Not easy. If they don’t pick me, that’s okay. I’ll just send in a partial with a query and synopsis. I’m pretty sure they’ll ask for a full on that. It’s very much an Intrigue. And I think it’s pretty good.


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