Funny how a trip to Target with a teenaged daughter can create an a-ha moment.
Sitting in the car at an incredibly long red light I was struck with how we reach these points in life where we’re forced to make choices. Sometimes these points are obvious. Sometimes, we barely even register that a choice was made. But those choices send us in different directions. Kind of like turning points in novel writing. And it’s at this cross roads of sorts that our stories start.
That sent me into thoughts about what we show our readers and what we hold back. I love watching horror films, seeing the monster around the corner, knowing what the character on screen doesn’t. That if they turn right, they’re dead. Left, they’ve got a chance. But I love those scary moments that come as complete shocks too.
The writer has to craft their story to make the most of both these elements. That’s our job. To master the craft. The work it, mold it, create.


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