The importance of dreaming big

The other day a friend asked if I’d sold a book yet and I said no but I had two in NYC and he said well, one of those will probably sell, and I just shrugged and said I was working on something new and the friend’s wife got a weird look on her face and asked why I keep trying when I just get rejections before she lost interest and started talking about french fries and I was left to ponder her question which meant absolutely NOTHING to her and everything to me.
Why do I keep trying?
The answers pretty simple.
Why stop?
I mean seriously, I have these stories in my brain and I get to write them and submit them and hope and pray and dream of one day sharing those stories with someone other than my critique partners. 🙂
I can’t imagine life without dreams. I’m sure people live like that, but not me. I’m going to keep dreaming, keep hoping, keep writing. Will I sell a book? I think so, but I don’t know. But the one way to guarantee that doesn’t happen is to quit. And that’s just not my style.
So here’s to dreams and never letting them die! And friends who ask questions that keep me writing!


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