Movies for inspiration

I’m spending the day watching movies to help inspire my new book. It’s set in a Texas/Mexican border town. I figured I’d rent El Mariachi, Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. DH said I was crazy. He said I’d hate the movies.
He was wrong. But what surprises me is what I found.
El Mariachi, a low budget indie film has somewhat of a cult following, The other two, continuations of that early film are HUGE big budget films. Robert Rodriguez writes and directs them all. But that early film is a thousand times the movie the others are. There’s this amazing sense of irony from the very first frame, a stark cinematography that matches the films’s setting, a sense of foreboding that follows the main character,a hero that’s not quite a hero. I loved El Mariachi, I thought I’d love the other two also. Nope. They’re okay, but nothing in comparison to that early low budget film.


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