Getting started, word counts and contests oh my!

After church tonight I’m going to start working on my new Intrigue. Really start. I’ll pray for divine intervention. I don’t know why I hate beginnings so much. I can clearly see the opening scene in my mind. I’m ready to write it. But I have to revise and revise and revise until I get deep enough into my characters to make the story feel real and not like the characters are watching the scene take place.
This time I’m working for a lower word count now that H/S has announced they’re cutting their longer series word counts. Not sure what I think about that. Lately the books have been difficult to read. Tiny type. words nearly in the gutter. A tighter story can be a good thing. I guess I’ll see what I think after I’m done. 🙂 I’ve seen several places that say the word counts are actually shifting to computer word count. If that’s the case, I’m fine. My word counts are already shorter by computer word count.
I’ll just write the story and worry about the other later.
I’m getting ready to enter the North Texas Great Expectations Contest. It’s one of the best I’ve entered. (I haven’t entered many but this and Melody of Love are my favorites).
Not sure I should enter because I’m not sure contests really make a difference. But I’m going to. I’ll enter my Women’s Fiction in the inspirational category and see how it does. Our local contest is going through some big changes for next year. Big changes I like but I don’t know how the people who enter will like them. There’s a good chance the 1-pg. critique will be gone. I hate the critique. BUT I’ve been writing a long time, I just don’t think you can write a 1-pg critique that helps authors. A lot of people who enter our contest say they love it. I don’t know. Personally I enter to see how the beginning works and to final if possible. Maybe that’s a bad plan. I guess we’ll see.
Off to church. Hopefully tonight’s writing goes well.


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