back in the saddle

DD and I joined Holiday Trimmings at our local Y. Last year it kick started my weight loss. Hopefully it will again. 🙂
Somehow I’ve got to work out a plan where I exercise regularly and write regularly!
I’m finished with my character prewriting for my new book and now it’s time to dive in. i hate beginnings. I usually have this idea or opening scene or bit of dialogue, something to get me going, but it’s just not right. So I write and rewrite and rewrite the first three chapters until they click. After that things speed up. The middles are fun because so much happens in the relationship. Then the end is the big build to the black moment, all hope is lost, wait, maybe, YES! They do live happily ever after.
But beginnings drive me nuts. So I better get started NOW!

I read an interview with Nora Roberts yesterday. SHE was rejected. Unbelievable. Gave me hope. 🙂


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