I noticed today one of the mood icons is high. Strange.
I decided to go with my next Intrigue wanna be since Intrigue’s running the log line contest. I’m going to try to have it done in time to enter the contest. Yikes.
I had a short synopsis done on it and a very rough first few scenes, but I’ve already tweaked the synopsis. I’m working on character charts right now. Getting their back story in my mind. What they look like. That kind of stuff. Making them real to me. I didn’t do that with my last Intrigue wanna be and I had a TON of revisions because of it. Hopefully this will help. I’m working on finding the unique in this story. The mystery is different but the romance is pretty typical. I don’t want to blend in with all the other submissions they get. I want mine to stick out. 🙂
If I could mix Karen Templeton’s voice with Julie Miller’s plotting ability and Suzanne McMinn’s romance building I think I’d be perfect. 🙂
For now I’ll just work on building a unique, memorable voice of my own and a darn good story.
It’s hell week for yearbook. UGH. But once it’s over, the bulk of the book is done. Woo Hoo! Between that and newspaper deadline, I hope I make it. It’s much easier to have my own deadlines than to be the facilitator of my student deadlines. But it’s good for them and for me. I’ll just keep telling myself that. 🙂


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