Down time

In the last two months I’ve submitted two complete novels. One needed a little work, one needed about 200 pages. 🙂
Now I’m planning my holiday writing schedule. I have two options. One, work on my next Intrigue wanna be. I love this book and it’s very now. A little Mexico, a little drug trafficking. Nothing earth shattering, but I think I have a good spin and a strong mystery.
The other is my next inspirational women’s fiction. It’s a little Steel Magnolia’s and a little Luke. It’s exciting. But it’s more focusing on the women and their growth both emotionally and spiritually and less romance, although there is this sheriff… 🙂
Anyway, I’ve had good luck getting requests for my category stuff. I’ve had no luck with the women’s fiction. I think it’s great. My CP’s LOVE it. They think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, and they’re stingy with their praise. But it’s women’s fiction and most WF houses require agents and agents aren’t so easy to find these days. Not to mention the fact that writing the WF drains me. It’s so emotional. It’s like a huge roller coaster of emotions. It was easy to write in the summer because I could focus on it. But the holidays might not be so easy. The Intrigues drive me crazy because I feel like I leave plot holes and have to go through questioning the validity of everything, but I feel energized when I write them. Plus I like writing the romance. It, and this is corny but true, soothes my soul. The WF makes me focus on my own life, my own struggles with faith and trust and my major control issues. Soul soothing in the end but major struggles during the writing. 🙂

So it’s decisions, decisions. I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I better figure it out. I only have two weeks until I get to be a full-time writer again. 🙂

** When I do get an agent I hope she wants to discuss this kind of stuff!


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