The teacher

I led a book talk today over Make Your Words Work, a great writing book by Gary Provost. It was interesting because my group was made up of teachers. I lead student workshops on a regular basis but NEVER teachers. I was worried going in because my experience has been teachers are often the very worst audience. But they were great. The groaned a little when I made them write, but just a little, and most even shared what they’d written. At the end of the day I submitted a workshop proposal to the lady in charge, just in case she ever needs me to talk about words again. I’m a little crazy when it comes to words. I love them and I love sharing that passion with others. Sometimes I think English teachers forget their love affair with language. It’s easy to get caught up in grading, grammar and the day to day stuff of class. I love writing and I forgot about it until my professor called and reminded me I’d always told him I was going to be a writer. ūüôā
Nine years later he still asks me how it’s going.
I can’t wait to get the call. He’ll probably be as thrilled as me. ūüôā

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