Making it seem easy

I’m doing a final revision on Identity Crisis. I’ve decided the toughest thing for me is making the story feel completely effortless, real. So much more than story alone goes into this. I guess it’s really all characterization. If the reader believes the people are real, she believes the story is too. Maybe.
I think about SEP’s heroes. They’re WAY over the top, but I feel like I know them. Suzanne McMinn’s PAX League heroes are completely unbelievable. But they’re completely real at the same time. I mean if you sit and think about them, you’re like NO WAY. But then you read a few pages and think, okay, maybe. And then you get to the end and it’s totally: I want to marry this man. Even Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters are anchored in reality. These writers create totally different types of stories, and all seem effortless. I sink into their books. I totally believe their plots. I want my story to be that good. And it will be!

I checked my old e-mail account today. I NEVER check it. Way too much spam.
So today when I checked it I discovered Sulay Hernandez from Kensington e-mailed her request for If You Dare along with the snail mail request she sent. I got my first editor e-mail. Woo Hoo. 🙂
Granted, it’s over six weeks old, and I’ve already sent the full, but still. How cool is that? I want to e-mail her back and ask if she got the manuscript, but I don’t know if that’s professional or not.
Oh well. I still got an editor e-mail. I’m happy.
Off to revise…

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