It’s always interesting to post after a rejection. People love to say “You’re so close.” I told my CP’s last week I never want to hear those words again. 🙂
There’s rejected and there’s published . End of story.
Of course that’s not exactly true. There’s also writing or not. One will get you where you want to be. One will get you “what might have been, maybe…”

I cut the first scene in my ST romantic elements story last night. I added the scene when I was half way through the book. At the time I felt it was important. Now though, I realize it’s redundant. Nothing new happens. It’s an introduction of sorts and in fiction, introductions are dangerous. They slow pace. The last thing the book needed was a slower pace.

DD is sick. Our school district has this great idea to get kids to school. If students have B averages and miss no more than 2 days, they can be exempt from finals. We have great attendance rates and kids coming to school falling over sick. I hope I don’t get this!
I don’t have time!

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