Here I go again

I finished my revisions and I LOVE this book. I love this hero. I even love this heroine.
And now I’m sitting here wondering what the heck I’ve done wrong. 🙂
My first book resulted in three requests for revisions before ending with a rejection that said it needed a longer ending and then it needed to be sent to a single title house.
I went on to several more rejections.
My last rejections was my best book ever. The editor said I’d over written the emotion. To let the dialogue tell the story.
It’s a trend I see more and more of in contemporary romance. One I like as a reader and struggle with as a writer.
So now I have this completed work and I think it’s too much dialogue, but that’s a good thing. Only it’s not.
And it’s going to drive me crazy.
Thank GOD I have critiques tomorrow.
I think my CP’s will be ready for this book to make its way to NYC. It’s driven them as crazy as it’s driven me.


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