high school football, college

We lost.
I’m not looking forward to Monday. I can already hear my students:
But Mrs. Lee, do we have to cover the game? We lost. That’s not news.
Sure it’s not.
We lost the biggest rivalry of the year. Our only district loss. Playoffs start next week.
It’s news. 🙂

A couple days ago the local paper ran an article that said 75% of college freshmen have to take remedial English and math before taking college classes.
They said senior year is too easy at high schools. As someone who’s there, I have to agree. If kids aren’t in AP classes, senior year’s a joke for the most part. In fact, more and more often I see AP and pre-AP kids challenged, working hard, excelling. Everyone else sitting in a crowded classroom surrounded by kids who don’t want to be there with a teacher who’s got to deal with discipline issues and modifications and has little time to really teach, even though they want to.
I don’t know what the answer is. It’s certainly not a bad thing that more and more kids are in challenging AP programs. But it’s certainly not a good thing that the only way a kid can be truly prepared for college is to be in those elite classes either.
I heard a group of computer teachers talking about a program they saw at an in-service the other day. They said they visited a school where every kid is trained in a trade or in the college bound classes or both. Sounds like a great idea to me. But it sounds expensive too. Not so sure it would work in a town that’s voted down the last few bond issues even though the elementary schools were literally falling down.


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