I’m so happy I’m a teacher.
Kids get a bad rap, teens more than others.
My students are smarter than I ever thought of being at their ages. They’re also WAY more responsible than I was. They gave over 3000 pounds of pet food to the Humane Society yesterday. Instead of trick-or-treating for candy, they went door to door collecting food.
Pretty cool.

I looked at my manuscript again and I think I’m going to send it in just like it is.
There are some places where one of the characters isn’t in as deep a point of view as I usually like, but she’s in this place where she feels like she’s watching herself because she’s totally pretending to be someone else. I like the effect.
The subplot timing might be a little off in places, but it flows better the way I have it then it would if I were to make it fit chronologically. No MAJOR shifts, just day/night type stuff.
There’s one scene I’ve included that might need to come out or be developed more. But right now I like it.
I guess the test is to see if an editor likes it.
I’ve spent nine years trying to figure out what it is I need to do to sell a book. I think maybe the answer is giving them a book they have no reason to reject.
I hope this is one of those books. It’s going to New York tomorrow.
AND then I get to spend the weekend with my Intrigue. I did MAJOR villain work on it this week. I realized my villain was weak. A weak villain is like a gnat. Annoying but nothing too bad. He was smart but nothing special. Now he’s evil, dangerous, smart and he doesn’t much care what happens. He either dies sooner than planned or gets rich first. He’s a total psychopath, but he wasn’t always. I wrote this freaky scene a couple weeks ago with him and I couldn’t figure it out, but now I totally get it. He chose to go to the Dark Side. Kind of like Darth. But there’s no redemption for him. Except maybe, when I do the revisions, I’ll decide to give him the Pale Rider Marshal death. Where he knows he’s going to pay and he decides what the heck, I’m going out anyway, but there in the back of his eyes you see the man he used to be before he sold out. I don’t know. I guess I’ll see.

I’ve got to get my local RWA chapter newsletter done this weekend too. I love doing the newsletter but I hate the time it takes sometimes. Funny how I hate it more when I’m actually writing. 🙂


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