Man on Fire

My husband laughed when he saw I was watching Man on Fire. He said I’d hate it. Said he didn’t like it at all.
I asked him is if it was an action chick flick and he said that was an oxymoron.
Maybe it was, but Man on Fire is a fabulous movie.
A few years ago I watched a Mel Gibson movie about a man on a revenge trip. I hated it. But the entire time I watched it I kept saying this should’ve been a good movie.
Man on Fire is the movie I wanted back then.
The other day I read something about character driving emotion and emotion driving action and how that makes good plot.
Man on Fire follows that pattern. Every action is completely motivated. It made me look at my hero, Riley. Made me think more about who he is and why he does what he does.
Made me look at my villain. He’s such a wimp. That’s not going to work. I need to look deeper into who he is and why he does what he does.
My revisions just got a lot more intense, but they got a lot better too.
As for action chick flicks, I think DH was way wrong. Mad Maxx, Gladiator, Legends of the Fall, Last of the Mohicans…the list goes on. Emotion drives the plot instead of explosions.


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