Well, sort of.
I embraced the You can’t fix a blank page philosophy for this book. Let’s just say I’ve got plenty of word-filled pages to fix now. 🙂
300 to be exact.
Still the draft is done. The mystery worked and it enhanced the conflict. I actually think it ended too soon. The last twenty pages are relationship pages. And that’s okay since the end of the mystery led to the relationship break, but I think Intrigue readers want the tension of the mystery to last a little longer.
My heroine stubbornly held to who she was even when I tried to change her early on in the novel. By the end I understood why.
During the revisions I’ll work harder at delving into my hero’s conflict. It seems a little forced toward the end. I love the book. Love the romance. Love the mystery. Revision should be fun. ahahahaha.

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