I love conferences

I’ve learned so much and been inspired and written lots. This conference has been a true blessing. I did learn from someone today that contractions aren’t to be used in writing EXCEPT in quotes. This was news to me.
Actually the person who told me this did a great job for the most part. And until she told me this, I listened to her. Once those words came out of her mouth, I think my eyebrows landed somewhere in the vicinity of Mars, I said REALLY???! and that was the end of that. My students had to hold their hands over their mouths to keep from laughing.
Ah well. Hopefully this person NEVER gets my book to judge in anything super important. Somehow, I feel confident she’d HATE all our stories. We use contractions on a pretty regular basis. 🙂
She really was nice. And she gave some good pointers too. I’m just appalled that a writing teacher thinks contractions aren’t supposed to be used. I wonder which guardian of language destroyed her ability to craft story.
I probably should’ve told her what I thought of that rule. But I had students with me and I thought that would be wrong. Especially since she spent a lot of time on our book. And she gave some amazing Photoshop pointers I plan on using immediately.
Tomorrow we go home. But first, we get to hear the absolutely AMAZING Thomas French. (I wonder if he knows you’re not supposed to use contractions? I bet it’s a box on the Pulitzer checklist.)
Today also I went to a class given by Pine Tree yearbook. They’re from Longview. and they’ve had hundred of evacuees in their town. Their yearbook staff has set up a blog where high school reporters help tell evacuee stories. It’s amazing! If you get a chance, check it out.

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