The importance of ritual

As I rediscovered my story, I also rediscovered some of the quirks about my writing style.
Music is extremely important to my stories. And finding the right music for each story is even MORE important. I tried writing Identity Crisis to my Prodigal soundtrack and could never get into the groove. There’s no way I could use my Cowboy Complications soundtrack to write Fallen. With my soundtrack playing, I can usually get into the feel of the story no problem.
This summer I discovered incense. I have to be careful. Some of it is so strong it gives me a headache and that doesn’t help much on the writing front. But if I find the right scent, that helps too.
Finally is place. I wrote my last book sitting at the dining room table. I tried the same thing with Identity Crisis, but it just didn’t work. Maybe that’s because it’s such a different book. I don’t know.
I tried sitting in my chair with the laptop. No good. I tried using the desktop computer. Still no good.
FInally I pulled my computer chair into the bedroom and found my place. I moved the chair into the livingroom and discovered it’s the chair not the place. For Identity Crisis, the chair is the key.
I don’t know if other people go through this or not.
I’m sure I could write without he chair and music if I had to, but those things help me get into the story faster.

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