Learning Curves

After nine years, you’d think I’d finally know what it takes to write commercial fiction an editor can’t pass on.
Actually the nine years is a little misleading. I got my Master’s Degree in there. Spent a couple years playing around. But I’ve studied the craft consistently in that time and I’ve written a dozen books, most of which garnered requests…and then rejections.
But here I am, nine years later, revamping the way I write.
I should be looking at this skeptically. But I’m not.
I’ve decided I’ve got a huge learning curve. It’s taken me nine years to figure out the perfect writing plan to finally make the sale. And I think this book is big enough in idea and execution to be the one that garners the call.
But I’ve got to get it written and that hasn’t been entirely easy. I love the plot, and since it’s suspense, I had the plot pretty much worked out. I knew the red herrings. I knew the major twists and turns. But I was having a horrible time getting the words on paper.
Until I read Julie Leto’s layering article.
Suddenly the book’s taken off.
It’s going to take a lot of clean up, but that’s okay. I can do clean up with the best of them. My goal is to have the first draft written by Friday. That’s pushing, especially with a double deadline, but I think it can be done.
My characters sure hope so. I just shifted into the high tension action packed build up to the black moment. I love this part of writing! Torture is so much fun.


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