Writing Day

The stage was set.
Today, finally, a love scene.
I actually thought I was going to write it yesterday, but then I sat down with my characters and a few pages in realized they weren’t ready. So I upped the tension, drove them crazy, drove me crazy and left it for today.
My last book didn’t have a love scene, so it had been a while since I’d written one.
I made sure everything was perfect.
Cinnamon scent, check.
Music for ambience, check. Ozzy’s Killer of Giant’s, REO Speedwagon’s Keep on Lovin’ You and Evanescence’s Going Under.
Headphones and iTunes blasting I sat at the computer and started writing.
Five minutes later dh taps me on the shoulder. Asks if I’ll hang out with him in the living room since I’m off. Ugh.
iTunes off. Headphones on the chest at the end of my bed. I trudge into the living room for quality hubby time. Just me and him and SportsCenter or The Weather Channel.
Definitely inspiration for the scene just waiting to be written.
Finally I help him see it’s not going to rain and lawns need mowing so off to work he goes. Quality hubby time in and I’m back to the love scene.
Riley and Callah are plenty happy, let me tell you. I left them in quite the precarious position.
iTunes on. Headphones in. Music blaring and five minutes later, I’m paged by dd. Seems she needs leg warmers and it’s deadline week so this is the only day we can get them.
I lift the left earphone off, tell her give me two hours and we’re on the hunt. She agrees.
Five minutes later she needs breakfast. Five minutes later she wants to talk about Weight Watchers. Five minutes later I realize it’s been way too long since I’ve written at home while everyone’s there. They’ve completely forgotten to LEAVE ME ALONE when the headphones are on!
Finally I shut the door, settle in for the scene of a lifetime.
Riley and Callah are happy for now. I’m fixing to change that. 🙂
It is deadline week this week. Actually double deadline. I’ve settled back into my school year writing routine and I feel so much better.
I realized this week that in nine years I’ve never written in September and yet I write at least two books a year. That realization helped me tons.


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