Scale Woes

Okay. I’m out of control.
Snickers. Almond Joys. Papa John’s Pizza.
I swear. One day I’m going to reach my goal weight, make it on Survivor, win the million dollars and self-publish a book on The Never Ending Battle. Weight loss.
WHY does it take a year to lose fifty pounds and a week to gain ten?
I hate the science of weight loss. It makes no sense. I bet Einstein would agree.
I know. Diet and exercise=weight loss. Period. No secret.
But UGH!!!!!!
And it’s not even Girl Scout cookie season.
I swear. I’m never selling World’s Finest chocolate again. And if DH brings home a bag of Almond Joys and Snickers and just leaves them sitting out, I’m tossing them in the garbage disposal.
Self control is completely over-rated.

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