They’re losing me.
I loved this show. Loved it.
Great characterization, awesome suspense, sexy guys. What wasn’t to love?
So far this season, the answer is plenty. It almost seems like the writers sat down, said, “Hey, let’s throw in a hatch and see what happens.” It honestly feels like they have no idea where they’re going.
The show still has its high points. Jack married her?! What? The new girl was actually one of “them?” Duh Sawyer! Took you long enough to figure out. My teen daughter heard her explanation and said, “what is she? a fish?”
But the whole number thing is getting annoying. And the hatch is crazy. The show seems disjointed somehow.
And that makes me sad. I want to love it the way I love Desperate Housewives and Survivor. The way I might like Surface if they’ll go more with the imagination and less with the monster special effects.
I guess it’s really probably better that I might fall out of love with Lost. I need to write.

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