fan mail

I love the RJ contest.
My last entry garnered some great e-mails. My new entry hasn’t really got a lot of feedback, but then yesterday I got a HUGE fan letter. The reader compared my heroine to Anita Blake (OMG!!!!). I never in a million years expected the comparison but it sure did make my day. I read the letter out loud to DH, but he totally missed the point. Laurell K. Hamilton and Dorothy Hamil are synonymous to him. He was a little surprised to hear I’d written a kick butt heroine. My poor dh has no idea. I think he likes it that way. 🙂

I’m reading Match Me if You Can. I almost didn’t buy it in hard back, but decided I couldn’t wait. I’m so glad I spent the $. It’s an amazing story. Definitely SEP at her best. I might like Heath as much as Bobby Tom and that’s high praise indeed!

My fabulous CP Karen Kelley brought new pages to critique today. They were burning hot. Before now I’ve felt Karen’s stories fit in Brava but would work as a regular Single Title romance. Not anymore. This new book is hotter than hot and hilarious. I can’t wait to see it on bookstore shelves.


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