Daily Archives: August 8, 2005


My entry is up on Romance Junkies! I’ve never had a contest up on CJ. It’s so cool.
Can’t say which is mine, but go vote on all of them!

Monday weigh down

School’s started and it’s time to get back on schedule.
I weighed in officially today. Same scale as I lost the 50, same time, same routine.
I gained 7 pounds this summer. It could’ve been worse.
I think chocolate ice cream has a different voice when it calls your name than other flavors. 🙂 Hopefully it’ll quit talking to me now that school’s back in session!

back to school

Every year I have a first day. For three days before I can’t really sleep. Nervous butterflies pop around in my stomach, I freak out a little on the whole how can I….? questions. Today is finally here and I’m excited. Next Monday is a thousand times better because I’ll get to see my kids. But today kicks off the school year. A new start. It’s squeaky clean and just waiting for my best.
I don’t really like all the meetings, but I do like seeing my friends and going to lunch, a true treat for us since we’re used to scarfing down whatever we bring with us in about 30 minutes, and that’s only if we don’t have students with questions waiting to talk to us.
This year I’m more excited than usual. I’m starting a morning writing club. My newspaper kids are amazing. And my yearbook editor is unbelievable.
Add that to the fact that dd has started helping more around the house with chores and this looks to be a very good year. 🙂
I hope I’m still thinking the same thing a couple weeks from now!