back to the daily grind

I start back to work tomorrow and suddenly I’m totally and completely terrified.
Last year I wrote about 100 pages the entire school year. I wanted to do more, but I’d come home from work and collapse. It was a nightmare. I love my job. I love my students. But I have to write. I have to. Not writing kept me in a constant aggravated mood last year. I can’t let that happen again.
And I’ve fallen so far from the weight watchers wagon, I have no idea where it even is. I know where it’s not. It’s not at Sonic with strawberry limeaides or cookie dough blasts. It’s not in my closet when I ignore the scale either. ACK!

Okay. Calm. Down.
First: Plan. Failure can often be stopped with a little pre-planning. I can pre-plan. I have my calendar. I have my goals.
Second: Ban Sonic
Third: Just do it. There’s no secret to getting published. Write the best book I can and send it out and write some more and send those out. Same thing with weight loss. Move more. Eat less. The end.
Fourth: Have fun.

I need to find some place to hang that list.

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