last day of summer

It’s my last day of summer break. I should look back on all the positives I accomplished this summer. I should be excited about the amazing year ahead. I should be thankful I have a job that allows me to have enough time to regroup, re-energize before sucking me dry again. 🙂
But I’m not. I’m sad. Even though this is going to be the best school year ever. Even though I have every intention of submitting the books that are finally going to blow the editors away, even though it’s tax free weekend and I’m buying cute new shoes even though dh says we’re broke (it’s not my fault the car broke while I was at Grandma’s!), I’m sad.
That’s kind of crazy since I almost always get more done while I’m working. And I’ll definitely be able to get back on the WW with a schedule. And I’m tired of feeling guilty for not cleaning house even though I’m off.

I’ve entered the RJ contest twice. We’ll see what comments I get from that once they’re up. The people who run that contest are super nice.
And I’ve got three contests to enter over the next two months.
One’s my local chapter’s Ticket to Write.
We have great final editors and it’s usually a small contest. The bad thing is I’m entering the two categories I usually judge.

I’m super excited about all these photos I’ve seen on Suzanne McMinn’s blog of the Harlequin chief and the audible guy. The idea of being able to listen to books by Suzanne, Catherine Mann, Karen Templeton, Jill Shalvis…the list goes on and on, while I’m working out thrills me! I hope it’s cheaper than what I’ve seen so far though. That’s what’s kept me from audiobooks so far.


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