Daily Archives: August 1, 2005

My addiction

Why am I sitting here watching season 1 of Survivor on the OLN network when I KNOW what happens? I love this show. It’s sick. I can’t help it.

close but…

One of my friends on e-Harlequin just got another rejection and I feel her pain. People give hugs and say you’re so close and you look at the letter and wonder what the definition of close is anyway.
At least that’s the way I feel when rejection comes knocking on my door and my CPs say it to me. I want to laugh it off and say, heck, I was close nine years ago when I got that double revision request, does close have a time limit? 🙂
I’ve decided to obliterate close from my dictionary of attempt-to-get-published terms.
I’m writing and submitting or not. The end.
Not close. Not almost. No more good rejections.
None of that matters. If it’s not a CALL, it doesn’t matter.
I’ll read what the editor says, decide if I agree or not and then decide what happens next.
That’s just going to be my way of doing things. That and checking out Suzanne McMinn’s Dream Big quiz and Twelve Steps to Breaking In on her website because they inspire me so much!
And I’ll be remembering to have fun because when I remember the fun it gets me back at the computer, day after day, week after a week.