Monthly Archives: July 2005

3 hours

Unitl DD has the new Harry Potter in her hands. I guess I’ll let her read it first. 🙂
Watching Battlestar Galactica. I’ve not seen the new one but I’ve heard great things about it.


12:46 a.m.
I’m wrapping up my writing for the night, finishing the final cup of coffee, thinking through tomorrow’s scenes. Excited.
Phone Rings.
“Mom?” Static, giggles.
“Crap! I thought someone was dead.”
“ohh sorry.” (No you’re not! You’ve lived your entire life with me and my worst case scenario brain!)
“Wait there’s a bat.” Pause. giggles. “Okay. Mom.”
“Can you check out the weather? The moon disappeared and we were wondering if there was an eclipse.”
(Because an eclipse is a weather event) TV on. Blinks. A lot.
“I can’t check out the TV. It takes twenty minutes to warm up.”
“Oh yeah.I forgot. Hey is anything happening in the news?”
“Just Judith Miller’s still in jail and Rehnquist is in the hospital with a fever.”
“Oh. Two judges, huh? Well, I’m going to go. See you tomorrow.”
“Okay. I love you.”
“Love you too. Oh yeah. My fingers are white and I’m coughing again. Love you. Bye.”

From who died? to what? to she’s so smart, to great,she’s got pneumonia again in less than a minute. My day is complete and I haven’t even gone to bed yet.


Be Afraid

I can’t believe Judith Miller is sitting in jail because she won’t reveal a source on a story she didn’t write. That just makes no sense.

The new story is wonderful. At least I think it is. It’s been a wonderful journey for me and I’ve been able to find some answers I’ve been looking for for a long time.
The new Intrigue will be great. I’m going to get going on it in a week. I figure by then I’ll be done with the WIP. I have the first three chapters done but I want to keep my focus on the ST.
Julie Elizabeth Leto has a great Q&A on eharlequin about Selling the Rejected Manuscript. Definitely worth checking out.

I’m teaching yearbook theme development at a summer workshop the next two days. I’ve never taught a yb workshop, so I’m looking forward to it. I just hate to take the time out of my schedule. 🙂

Summer Camp Blues

DD’s gone to camp. She’s not having fun. DH says it’s all my fault.
See DD and I hang out a lot together.
It’s not like we’re best friends; I’m definitely Mom.
But I teach at her school. She’s in my program. We just do a lot of the same stuff, including write.
Dh says I’ve kept her too close to my side. 😦
I’ve never thought of that as being a bad thing.
Now I’m having one of those God, I hope I haven’t messed up my kid’s brain moments.
Motherhood is sooooo not easy.

Summer Camp

DD took off for summer camp this week. I don’t know why I’m so bummed about it. She’ll have a good time. I’ll have peace and quiet. What’s not to be excited about?
My website is up and running. www.
It was exciting to put together but super time-consuming. I don’t have info about my books on it. For now my thought is the people who need the info have the info. Once I get The Call, that’ll change. 🙂

I stayed with my mom for her final steroid shot in her back. (ICK!) She told everyone I was going to be famous one day. I love my mom. She has absolute faith in me. I hope I have that same kind of faith in my daughter. I don’t right now. I’m always worried about whether she’ll make the grade, have fun, develop people skills. You name it, I worry. (See first paragraph of today’s blog)
I want that to change.
Maybe with time it will.

I started to write an article today about how rejection was rejection and it didn’t matter if it was positive or a form rejection. it was still a no thanks. But then I changed my mind. My last rejection definitely gave me some direction. I’m not going to spend time deciphering rejection, but I guess there’s definitely a positive spin. And the worst, the rejection of revised requested fulls, well that just sucks. 🙂
Definitely not enough there for an entire article. 🙂

Haven’t written yet today and suddenly see problem with multiple projects. You open Word and wonder what should I work on?
ACK! Summer’s over half over. I don’t have time for that question!


I started my new Intrigue proposal tonight. I just decided to go with what I felt like working on, and since I have no contracts, I have that luxury. I can’t wait for that to change. 🙂
I’m over the half way point on my WF and I have the next one plotted. This Intrigue kept popping around in my brain, so I figured get it on paper while it’s there.
And now it’s 1 a.m. and I feel guilty for not working on the 1/2 done women’s fiction—which is crazy!
The Intrigue was fun. It’s suspenseful and sexy and the hero is yummy. It was nice to take a break from all that angst in Prodigal and focus on Missing. My conspiracy theory brain needed an outlet.
I’m just glad I have the time to write.
I’ll be teaching Thursday and Friday, so I’ll only get to work at night, which I seem to do anyway. I just needed a schedule. Hopefully I can keep this up once school starts. Writing the synopsis first helps a ton! Hard to believe I wrote those words. A few months ago, I thought writing a synopsis first completely shut me down. Now I use it as a road map, but that’s all. And sometimes maps are wrong, but that’s okay because if the map is there, you can just take another route to get where you’re going.

I survived!

Camp was incredible. I’m so lucky I get to teach the absolute best kids ever. They’re going to make this schoolyear awesome. DD wrote her first real story and it was so good! I cried. She threw stuff at me for crying. It was a special bonding moment.
I missed Who Wants to be a Hilton and Average Joe. No telling if I’ll get caught up.
I wrote some while away, not as much as I wanted, but I’m past the 1/2 way point on the story. AND it’s time for the romance so I’m excited about what’s left.
I read two books while gone.
Suzanne McMinn’s The Beast Within is amazing. It’s like reading the script to X-Men only better because the romance is so good. Definitely one to RUN get. It’s only on the shelves a month. Plus it’s the beginning of PAX League. Very interesting. The best thing about the book, other than the hero, is the heroine. She’s tough, knows what she wants, gets it AND still has her happily ever after. I haven’t read a Bombshell recently, but the first ones I read after Dallas National were missing the romantic element so I wasn’t all that interested. The Beast Within is what I want in an action-adventure novel.

I finished The Time Traveler’s Wife last night. Stayed up until 1:30 to finish it and was left feeling dissatisfied. I loved the idea of the book, very unique. I almost quit reading early on though because it was so confusing. Too many numbers for this word girl. 🙂 But I’d heard so much about it, I kept going. Until the last third, I’d say I loved this book. After the last third, I decided, nope I didn’t. It’s all Henry’s fault. And it’s not because it’s sad. The whole book has this sad undercurrent pushing it forward. I guess it’s that I didn’t like Henry in the end, and I didn’t really like Clare either. She seemed like a victim. I guess she was, but her whole attitude was just…I don’t know. It’s probably a good book if you consider a good book one with characters that stick in your head and kind of linger and make themselves known when you least expect them, but it won’t be on my keeper shelf.

Happy Birthday

I love July 4th. It’s so relaxed and lazy and fun. I really never think about what it really means. CNN helped me do just that. This holiday might be lazy for me, but there are thousands of people out there fighting a war. Kind of puts it all in perspective.

What I’m Reading:
I’ve got to be honest. I’ll buy all of Suzanne McMinn’s stuff because I consider her the e-Harlequin SW cheerleader. She’s completely supportive, pushing us to keep on through it all.
I’ve been excited about her new PAX League series, but I was also skeptical. Sure the covers have hot guys, but werewolves, mermen, other super hero-types? I wasn’t so sure.
Until I picked up the first in the series The Beast Within while I was out today and figured I’d read a chapter and get busy writing.
I’m 100 pages in and the book is fabulous. The romance is great, the hero YUM and the heroine the perfect combination of tough and heart broken. I can’t wait to get to the end! Definitely a page turner.

I also bought the Time Traveler’s Wife. I haven’t started it yet, but I’ve heard so many great things about it, I decided to give it a try. I hope I’m not disappointed.

My WIP is going great. It’s HARD to write all this emotion, but it is so worth it. I feel like I’m on the journey with these characters and I’m loving it. Now if I can quit eating so much chocolate, that will help.


I ate my first Twinkie in a decade yesterday.the fact that it was covered in white chocolate should eliminate its thousands of Points. Same thing for the strawberries, mints, apples, marshmallows and pretzles.
My uncle’s wedding was hilarious, the reception…YUM.
I wish I could do the wedding justice, but I don’t think I can. It started with….I don’t know. Probably the birth of my uncle.
The kids in the wedding, and there were plenty, were all in a Kung-Fu (foo?) mood. Great Grandad’s (he was best man) girlfriend kept calling out to him throughout. She was probably tipsy. I don’t think she goes far without a glass of wine. My aunt was put in charge of music at the last minute, music on a computer, and she was crying half he time because of this video they started the ceremony out with, so everyone, the guys, the bridesmaids and the bride walked down the aisle to Here Comes the Bride. The guys were shocked and a little disturbed, the bridesmaids took it in stride, the little girls yelled, hey this is the wrong song. The videographer looked like the scary albino in that Chevy Chase/Goldie Hawn movie. And a guy was wearing a khaki kilt.
The set up made for a ton of laughs, but every one of them just made the ceremony more memorable. And the reception…see first sentence. I have to write to make up time tonight. It’s J-Camp week. I’ll take 16 teenagers, DD included, to camp Tuesday-Saturday. Sometimes I get a lot written during J-Camp. Sometimes I get very little written. Just depends on what I’m learning.


Okay. So the month is gone and I’ve written a ton. Yay.
Then today I look at my calendar and I realize…I’ve been to the Y exactly 9 times the entire month of June.
Hello. My name is Mary Beth and I suffer from obsessive compulsive behavior. Why else would I exercise like crazy, eat right and cruise through 50 pounds and nine months just fine but without writing much at all….and then boom, start writing a ton and forget all about the body? It’s crazy. Insane.
I’m a sick person.
July is going to be different. I’m going to be obsessive compulsive about everything in my life.
It’s the only answer. I can’t stop writing. I can’t gain my weight back. And my house….oh, we can’t even go there.