Tales of the incredible day of avoidance. Part 1

Once upon a time there was this writer. She was a very determined writer. Or so she said. To everybody. All the time.
This determined writer woke early one bright shiny morning with a vision. A complete day of nothing but the written word.
A nutritious breakfast of Whole Wheat waffles and yogurt later, she sat at her trusty iBook, powered on, opened her WIP and her e-mail.
One hour later she powered off and went for a walk to clear her mind.
Now, determined writer realized she’d written nary a word on her WIP, but, she told herself, there’s still a whole bright shiny day ahead.
The nap at 1, wasn’t that big of a deal. She still had half a bright, shiny day ahead.
The half hour watching The Real World wasn’t that big of a deal, she still had a few hours left.
The thirty minutes spent grilling fish and whipping up a scrumptious low-fat yogurt and Splenda topping for the berries she’d bought, no biggie.
The twenty minutes plucking her eyebrows when she’d never, ever in her entire life plucked her eyebrows….okay, that was big deal. Not only do her eyes feel like they’ve taken a short one-way trip to hell, the entire day is gone and she’s still written nary a word.

Avoidance Part 2
I’ve written. In 15 pages I’ve solved the world’s problems, everyone loves everyone and all is safe.
Unfortunately it’s 50 pages too soon for all these nice-nice feelings.
I’ve committed the nice-nice sin. And it’s crazy really because I don’t know how I got here. I mean I do. Obviously I just jumped right from all hope is lost to, well, isn’t that nice. Too bad, so sad. Straight to HEA. Which means I left out a huge chunk of my story, and that’s the first time I’ve done that writing this book, so it’s driving me crazy.
I know why this happened. It was the eyebrow thing. Or maybe it was the blueberry coffee. How can I write angst while drinking this stuff? It tastes like summer. And summer is not angsty. I need angst.
(Tiny, itty bitty good news: I only have 50 pages to go!!!! But I’ve got to quit thinking like that. It’s how I ended up in this situation!)


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