Daily Archives: July 16, 2005


I changed my weigh-day to Saturday because I’m re-committing to my WW today.
I’ve definitely kicked butt when it comes to writing this summer. Unfortunately at the same time my butt’s gotten 10 pounds heavier. So my -50 is back up to -40. 😦
At least I got back in gear before I gained it all back!
Now to eat right, exercise and WRITE.
It has to be possible. It’s just about balance. I can do balance. I think. I mean, most people can do balance, and while I have very little experience with balance, this can be something I work on.

I’m writing a SAD scene today. My poor characters, Everything’s been going along so great. They’re finally getting along, all the those big Questions about life have been addressed. Today I’m smacking them all around and proving sometimes there aren’t answers. ANd that’s just a part of life. But first, I’m going to the gym.

I have a new writing article on my website: http://www.marybethlee.com
It’s all about NO.