Summer Camp

DD took off for summer camp this week. I don’t know why I’m so bummed about it. She’ll have a good time. I’ll have peace and quiet. What’s not to be excited about?
My website is up and running. www.
It was exciting to put together but super time-consuming. I don’t have info about my books on it. For now my thought is the people who need the info have the info. Once I get The Call, that’ll change. 🙂

I stayed with my mom for her final steroid shot in her back. (ICK!) She told everyone I was going to be famous one day. I love my mom. She has absolute faith in me. I hope I have that same kind of faith in my daughter. I don’t right now. I’m always worried about whether she’ll make the grade, have fun, develop people skills. You name it, I worry. (See first paragraph of today’s blog)
I want that to change.
Maybe with time it will.

I started to write an article today about how rejection was rejection and it didn’t matter if it was positive or a form rejection. it was still a no thanks. But then I changed my mind. My last rejection definitely gave me some direction. I’m not going to spend time deciphering rejection, but I guess there’s definitely a positive spin. And the worst, the rejection of revised requested fulls, well that just sucks. 🙂
Definitely not enough there for an entire article. 🙂

Haven’t written yet today and suddenly see problem with multiple projects. You open Word and wonder what should I work on?
ACK! Summer’s over half over. I don’t have time for that question!

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