I survived!

Camp was incredible. I’m so lucky I get to teach the absolute best kids ever. They’re going to make this schoolyear awesome. DD wrote her first real story and it was so good! I cried. She threw stuff at me for crying. It was a special bonding moment.
I missed Who Wants to be a Hilton and Average Joe. No telling if I’ll get caught up.
I wrote some while away, not as much as I wanted, but I’m past the 1/2 way point on the story. AND it’s time for the romance so I’m excited about what’s left.
I read two books while gone.
Suzanne McMinn’s The Beast Within is amazing. It’s like reading the script to X-Men only better because the romance is so good. Definitely one to RUN get. It’s only on the shelves a month. Plus it’s the beginning of PAX League. Very interesting. The best thing about the book, other than the hero, is the heroine. She’s tough, knows what she wants, gets it AND still has her happily ever after. I haven’t read a Bombshell recently, but the first ones I read after Dallas National were missing the romantic element so I wasn’t all that interested. The Beast Within is what I want in an action-adventure novel.

I finished The Time Traveler’s Wife last night. Stayed up until 1:30 to finish it and was left feeling dissatisfied. I loved the idea of the book, very unique. I almost quit reading early on though because it was so confusing. Too many numbers for this word girl. 🙂 But I’d heard so much about it, I kept going. Until the last third, I’d say I loved this book. After the last third, I decided, nope I didn’t. It’s all Henry’s fault. And it’s not because it’s sad. The whole book has this sad undercurrent pushing it forward. I guess it’s that I didn’t like Henry in the end, and I didn’t really like Clare either. She seemed like a victim. I guess she was, but her whole attitude was just…I don’t know. It’s probably a good book if you consider a good book one with characters that stick in your head and kind of linger and make themselves known when you least expect them, but it won’t be on my keeper shelf.

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