Daily Archives: July 4, 2005

Happy Birthday

I love July 4th. It’s so relaxed and lazy and fun. I really never think about what it really means. CNN helped me do just that. This holiday might be lazy for me, but there are thousands of people out there fighting a war. Kind of puts it all in perspective.

What I’m Reading:
I’ve got to be honest. I’ll buy all of Suzanne McMinn’s stuff because I consider her the e-Harlequin SW cheerleader. She’s completely supportive, pushing us to keep on through it all.
I’ve been excited about her new PAX League series, but I was also skeptical. Sure the covers have hot guys, but werewolves, mermen, other super hero-types? I wasn’t so sure.
Until I picked up the first in the series The Beast Within while I was out today and figured I’d read a chapter and get busy writing.
I’m 100 pages in and the book is fabulous. The romance is great, the hero YUM and the heroine the perfect combination of tough and heart broken. I can’t wait to get to the end! Definitely a page turner.

I also bought the Time Traveler’s Wife. I haven’t started it yet, but I’ve heard so many great things about it, I decided to give it a try. I hope I’m not disappointed.

My WIP is going great. It’s HARD to write all this emotion, but it is so worth it. I feel like I’m on the journey with these characters and I’m loving it. Now if I can quit eating so much chocolate, that will help.