I ate my first Twinkie in a decade yesterday.the fact that it was covered in white chocolate should eliminate its thousands of Points. Same thing for the strawberries, mints, apples, marshmallows and pretzles.
My uncle’s wedding was hilarious, the reception…YUM.
I wish I could do the wedding justice, but I don’t think I can. It started with….I don’t know. Probably the birth of my uncle.
The kids in the wedding, and there were plenty, were all in a Kung-Fu (foo?) mood. Great Grandad’s (he was best man) girlfriend kept calling out to him throughout. She was probably tipsy. I don’t think she goes far without a glass of wine. My aunt was put in charge of music at the last minute, music on a computer, and she was crying half he time because of this video they started the ceremony out with, so everyone, the guys, the bridesmaids and the bride walked down the aisle to Here Comes the Bride. The guys were shocked and a little disturbed, the bridesmaids took it in stride, the little girls yelled, hey this is the wrong song. The videographer looked like the scary albino in that Chevy Chase/Goldie Hawn movie. And a guy was wearing a khaki kilt.
The set up made for a ton of laughs, but every one of them just made the ceremony more memorable. And the reception…see first sentence. I have to write to make up time tonight. It’s J-Camp week. I’ll take 16 teenagers, DD included, to camp Tuesday-Saturday. Sometimes I get a lot written during J-Camp. Sometimes I get very little written. Just depends on what I’m learning.


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