A few months ago I got a rejection on a book I loved. The editor said it felt like two different books, the hero’s and heroine’s until they collided. It was.
She also said something I’d never really thought of. She said let the dialogue tell the story and to trust the readers to fill in the blanks. I guess that was her way of saying I’d over written. I always considered dialogue one of my strengths. But I always made sure to really get that introspection in to show what the character was feeling and thinking.
On my new WIP, I have a TON of time for dialogue. It’s a family drama, so lots of talking. And what I’ve discovered is the story flows better when I can move that introspection to dialogue. Secondary characters add color, but they also provide emphasis. It’s fun. It’s different.
I’m left hoping I have words that show the complete story. I hope it’s working. I think it is.


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