Writing Down the Bones

If the scene stunk I’d be happier.
I’ve reached the huge moment in my story. This moment that shows my two protagonists in conflict at the same time they’re in agreement. It leads to growth for one and more confusion for the other and I know it can be a WHOA scene.
Two days ago it was just bad. B-A-D.
So I reworked it. Approached it from different angles, different POVs.
Now it’s a perfectly fine scene. But it’s not an awesome scene. And I want it to be awesome. I want it pack a huge emotional punch. I want it to BE the girls. BE the confusion. BE the pain and disbelief.
And right now it doesn’t do that. Right now it just is.
I’m not moving forward until I get it right.
So that brings me to this morning making waffles, throwing melted ice packs in the freezer, listening to Tom Cruise explain his dislike for psychiatry with Matt Lauer on Today and I’m not really there. Not at all.
I’m back on that scene. It’s driving me nuts.
And I’m thinking: What scene have I read that does what I want to accomplish?
And then it hits me. The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing.
I read the book years ago and loved it. I have no idea who has it now. I just loaned it out and it started on its path around the world and I promptly forgot all about it.
Until today when I remembered the way the author recreated the emotion of discovering you have cancer.
She didn’t go on and on but the starkness, the emptiness, the fear, the knowledge that we’re here today but there are no tomorrow’s promised, it’s all on the page.
I’m probably going to scrap the perfectly fine scene and try again for this feel. ACK!


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