The Problem with new WIPS

Last night I wrote until 2. I liked what I’d written, but I didn’t love it. The characters were there, but no voice.
So I jotted down some notes, told myself it had to be bigger and went to bed.
And that’s when the characters started talking to me. Not just one but the whole freakin’ cast.
I know better than to tell them to shut up. Do that and they just might hold it against you the next day. So I got up, wrote the scene, went to bed. I still wasn’t happy. Something was off.
And then the voices started talking again.
And I could see the problem, or at least one of them.
So I got up, whipped out my moleskin notebook and wrote what the characters were telling me. It had to do with story order and voice and word choice and when I was done, I had an outline of the beginning. An outline I LOVE that has amazing voice and a unique energy. I told my CP’s think Steel Magnolias meets Ya-Ya Sisterhood meets the chapters of Luke where Jesus is telling the parables.
So finally the voices quit messing with my brain. And at 4 this morning I finally got to sleep.
Which was okay because we went to church yesterday so I could sleep in.
Only dh woke up at 7, flippped on the TV and started talking.


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