The Next

I love the fact that my daughter’s old enough to listen to my story ideas and say,
Uh Mom, that’s not going to work OR
Uh Mom, can we say cliché? OR
Uh Mom, if people think you’re writing about me I’m gonna be ticked..
(Why would she think that? So what that my new story has a teenager who changes her hair color every week of the summer because she’s bored and her mom told her she had to do something other than sit on the computer or watch movies all summer?) But hey, on the bright side she thinks other people are going to be reading this story, which mans she thinks it’s going to be published, which means I haven’t totally wrecked her belief in dreams even though I’ve been rejected a million times since she was five. That’s gotta be a good thing. 🙂
The best part about it was she pushed me to look for something new and now I have a basic plot structure and my new characters for my next womens fiction. Woo Hoo!
She even thought it sounded good. (Other than the teenager)
I’m trying to figure out exactly what it is I’m writing. I know, that’s a strange thing to say, but it’s true.
It’s definitely Christian because the themes running though it deal with belief, redemption, forgiveness.
But then there’s the whole self-discovery character arc that runs through all womens fiction.
The books are older–married, starting to see those lines, battling the bulge and gray hair, oh-my-God I’m middle aged.
They definitely have romance throughlines.
And they’re real, meaning they don’t strictly follow CBA standards. They feel passion, the cuss when things go wrong. But I doubt they’ll be dropping the F bomb. Actually they might, but it wouldn’t be spelled out. I’ve decided not to worry about it. These people are completely real in my mind and I think they’re completely real on paper. I love them. I live them while I’m writing. I’m letting them tell their stories and it is awesome.
I love summers!


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