Work to do

I’ll be working on my family saga today. I LOVE this story. It’s so powerful. The emotional tension between all the characters keeps me nearly in tears and the precious kids give it a levity at moments you least expect it.
In the past one of my rejections said it’s like I write two books at once. Dark and then light and funny. I hope the fun moments coming from secondary characters works better. One of the things I love about the fun moments is that they make me laugh, but then when I look deeper they’re actually pretty sad too.
These people definitely need God’s help.
I’ve got to go back to the synopsis and make sure it’s concrete enough.
I’m a journalist, so I don’t know WHY I have such a hard time with concrete vs. abstract. When I wrote my synopsis yesterday for the partial I sent out, I approached it completely as a news story and then revised to take out redundancies. That seemed to work better. I guess we’ll see.

I’m reading Jane Graves’ Light My Fire during workouts. It’s AMAZING! I thought I was going to hate the hero, but 100 pages in and Jane’s already got me falling in love. I don’t know why I was worried. Her Alex DeMarko dethroned Bobby Tom Denton as my all time favorite hero, and I hated Alex in I Got You Babe. But his book, Wild at Heart, motivated all his jerky behavior.
I saw Jane speaking at Dreamin’ in Dallas just before her first big book came out. (I’m not sure if her first category was out yet or not, but I love it too!) One of my CPs ended up with it at Nationals in New Orleans and kept us up all night reading excerpts out loud. We laughed and laughed and by the end of the conference we’d all bought the book. Her writing reminds me a lot of SEP but the stories are more real. I love SEP, but those books are pure fantasies. When I read Jane’s books I usually feel like DANG this could really happen!!!! But the way she delivers a story is very similar to SEP. Fastpaced, full-fledged characters with amazing coflicts and deep backstories that give them a little edge or a lot of edge, depending on what’s needed. She writes big books and category and both are incredible, thus she’s been nominated several times for RITAs even though her books have only been out four or five years. Every time I hear her speak I learn something new. Definitely what I need to be reading during workouts. 🙂


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