Grilling for Dummies 101…I am a writer

grillIt’s been too hot to cook inside so I’ve been grilling instead. Until today dh has started the grill. Today he was working so I did the entire meal including starting the grill.
What not to do/to do when grilling pizzas:
Yes, you do get the oven as hot as you can when cooking pizzas. Do NOT get the grill as hot as you can when grilling pizzas. It will burn a hole in the top of your hubby’s prized grill. The one he searched high and low for. The Weber gold edition. The king of grills. The one he looked at twenty times over the course of a year before buying. The one he babies more than he babies anything else. The one you think he just might have a name for. The one he loves to grill ribs, burgers, steaks, chicken, and everything that was once alive on.
Do NOT try to grill super thin crust pizza directly on the grill.
Do NOT pour olive oil on the top of the crust to keep it from drying out. Do you know how high flames shoot when oil hits? Burnt crust is an understatement.
Do spend hours trying to figure out how you’re going to explain grill catastrophe to poor dh when he gets home dog tired after working an entire day in hundred degree heat index.
Do make sure you meet him at door with Crown and 7 on the rocks.
Do make sure you’ve sprayed enough air freshener to cover up the horrific scent of burned metal.
Forget it. Just spill the beans and try to make it up even though that’s not going to happen. 😦


I’m never grilling again.

AND I wrote 18 pages today. Okay, so technically it’s tomorrow, but that’s only because I couldn’t sleep because I wanted to finish this scene and that turned to another. WOW! I haven’t written 18 pages in a while. I am a writer! WOO HOO!


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