The other day a reporter asked me about my journey to becoming a writer.
I hope I didn’t sound like an idiot. I guess we’ll see when the story comes out.
My journey is ongoing. It happened a long time ago and it’s still taking place. It’ll be going for the rest of my life, I figure. I hope anyway.
One of the best parts about this journey has been the super cool people I’ve met. People who totally understand the frustration of staring at a computer screen and hearing nothing from the muse. People who get the frustration I feel when dd and dh interrupt my working time. People who laughed with me when I told the story of why I didn’t want to write inspirational and then just nod when I say I think my mom might have been right. People who totally get writing. Its highs. Its lows. Its inbetweens.
If I had to do this on my own, I’m not sure I would’ve kept on going.
RWA, my local chapter RRRW, the Bad Girls critique group, e-Harlequin’s SW board, all have helped me to continue. All have helped me discover who I am as a writer.
Now with the blogosphere, that world is growing more than ever before. I’m glad.
Starting tomorrow I’ll be posting daily page counts, submissions, other writing related stuff along with my day to day ramblings. I’m going to do something the awesome Suzanne McMinn suggested. I’m going to use this space to help with my affirmations.
I am a writer. I will be published. But not if I don’t get busy!
My goals for this week: five pages daily, two Q&S’s out. Send the Q&S on the Intrigue Wanna be I was 150 pages into when I hit this bump in my writing road.
Suzanne McMinn’s blog helped me with this today. She talked about all these proposals she had and I thought, hey, I need to start thinking about writing like that.
I write entire books and then send out stuff on them. I’m addicted to reaching the end. But if I’m going to approach this as a business, I better start thinking in terms of proposals now too. I know I can reach the end of a book. I can usually do it in 2-3 months of writing for a 70k- 80k book. What do I have to lose?


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